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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does it work?

It’s simple, choose a pickup date, select your preferred delivery date and then submit your order!

2.How do I pay?

Using our secure payment processor, we accept all major credit cards. Just add your card information during booking.

3.When/how will I know the final cost of my order?

Your order will be given a final "weigh in" before your clothes are processed and you will receive an updated invoice before your card is charged.

4.How can I determine the weight of my items?

The average single person typically generates about 15lbs-20lbs of laundry in a week and a couple would generate about 25lbs-30lbs a week.

5.How do I prepare my laundry for pick-up?

Place your items in any bag and a Laundryshift Valet will arrive to pick it up.

6.Is there a minimum order?

There is a 20lb minimum charge that is applied to all wash and fold orders. 

7.What is the turnaround time?

48 hours is the usual turnaround time, not including Sundays and public holidays. 

8.Do I need to separate my whites from my darks?

Yes. Your garments are washed by the bag and NEVER mixed.

9.What happens if I have an item that needs to be washed in a specific way? Do you read the washing instructions?

Yes you can provide special instructions when placing the order. However, please do not send items requiring special care like cashmere sweaters and fine silks, Laundryshift would not be liable.

10.What happens if I miss my pick-up window?

If you miss your pick-up window and we attempt to pick-up, we will charge a $10 fee. You will receive a notification to reschedule your pickup. 

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